A little hand lettering tutorial

When I started this blog I really wanted to do a mini-tutorial. Just a little taste of how I learned myself to make pretty lettering. So, what I am going to show you is just my way of doing it…

There are a couple of steps you have to take to get to a nice end result. For this example I use a few supplies.

  • WaterArt – water colour paper
  • Pencil and gum
  • Panduro drawing pen nr. 0,1 – 0,2
  • Ecoline brush pen nr. 202 – 237 – 334 – 580
  • Small paintbrush
  • Water spray
  • Clear plastic folder

First you’re going to put some lines on the paper where you lettering is going to be. It is just as a guide, you will remove them at the end so they don’t show anymore. Note that you put them on lightly – you don’t want any marks leaving visible.    

Hand Lettering - Step 1

Then you will draw the words in the lettering of you chose. It does take me a couple of times to get it to my liking so this I will also draw lightly. Don’t press to hard on your pencil.

Hand Lettering - Step 2

If you are completely happy with the lettering you made, you trace them with a drawing pen. I use a black one because I like the letters to stand out. The first time tracing I did with a 0,2 tip. Take your time with the tracing. If you are happy with the pencil drawing it takes a while to trace them neatly. Let the ink dry for a little while before you remove all the lines. Remove the lines with caution…you don’t want to drag out any ink over the paper and thus ruining your work.

Hand Lettering - Step 3

When you’re done with clearing all the lines you start with the coloring. I use Ecoline Brush Pens because they are versatile and come in loads of different colors. Take your plastic folder and the pens and just start coloring on the folder. Don’t let the colors mix just yet. After all the colors are on the folder spray them with a little bit of water so little pools of water and Ecoline appear on the folder.

Then take your paintbrush and dip them in a color. Bring it above you piece of paper and just start tapping on top of the brush. You can experiment with the quantity of paint you put on your brush and how hard you tap. More paint equals bigger dots and the harder tapping equals more dots.

Hand Lettering - Step 4

Repeat this with all the colors until you are satisfied with the result.

Let the paint dry on a flat surface. Then take a smaller drawing pen and start retracing the lettering. I like kind of the calligraphy style so I trace them a little bigger in some areas. Make sure all your edges are nice and smooth and then you are done!

Hand Lettering - Step 5

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