Level 10 life – assessment

After a lot of consideration I decided to make my ‘level 10 life – assessment’. I first read about it in “the Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. This book was like the fifth self-help book I got myself since the beginning of my burn-out. So, I was a little bit skeptical about this one but decided to still give it a try.

Hal talks about his life story and how he made some pretty big changes. He figured that the start of the day was the most important and it set the tone of the rest of the day. Every morning he would go through 6 different exercises to accelerate personal development. He calls theme life S.A.V.E.R.S.. The letters stand for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. An interesting idea which really attracted me. However, this is not what I decided to do (guess I wasn’t ready for that kind of impact on my life yet).

I wanted to make a ‘wheel of life assessment’. In this wheel of life you review 10 aspects of your life and rate them on a 0 – 10 scale. The goal obviously is to reach a ’10’ score on every single aspect which would mean complete happiness and satisfaction.
So, first you rate the different aspects and then you make a plan how to improve if you are not on a level 10. It sounds really good and do-able. The 10 aspects are:

  • Family & friends
  • Personal growth & development
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Romance & marriage
  • Fun & recreation
  • Contribution/giving
  • Health
  • Physical environment

On one of my favorite blogs by Boho Berry, she shows an example of a wheel of life assessment with 100 goals to improve. It is so inspirational for me to see what other people do in their Bullet Journal. To do the assessment already seems like a good idea but to make 10 goals per aspect to improve is an even better idea – so that is what I did!

I started with making the circle in my Bullet Journal. Just simple with black and white – the color will follow when I have made my assessment. I made my assessment fairly intuitional. I am a firm believer that your first reaction is your honest reaction so that is what I went with. It kind of shocked me how ‘unhappy’ I seemed to be in this assessment which is really not like that at all. I know I’m very blessed in my life and have little to complain about compared to a lot of people in this world. It just shows how much room for improvement there still is for me.

Then I started on my list of goals which you’ll find below. It was pretty hard to pick 10 goals per category but it really made me think about what is important to me. I’m sure that it will look like a daunting task but it is really worth it. I have chosen tasks for myself that I feel comfortable with. I know I can reach them – just the amount of time I need differs per task. I left a few spots open because I haven’t found all my goals yet but I’m sure they will come to me and feel right. Then I made one more page with the highlights on what every part of the “pie” means and done is my wheel of life assessment. A really fun and eye-opening exercise that I can recommend to everybody!

*the photo of this wheel of life assessment is on my Instagram page*

100 goals in 10 aspects of life

1* Family & friends

  • Make a dinner date with all my brothers/sisters (in law)
  • Visit my grandparents more often
  • Keep in touch regularly with my friends via text or call
  • Try to remember important dates from others
  • Host a party/BBQ for my husbands friends
  • Be more supportive and attentive when people around me are in need
  • Take a trip with my family-in-law
  • Invite friends more spontaneous
  • Invest more in new friendships
  • Send birthday cards

2* Personal growth & development

  • Watch more TED talks, at least ones a month
  • Daily upkeep of my Bullet Journal
  • Reflect on every month with pro’s and cons
  • Go to every appointment with my psychologist
  • Follow a mindfulness course
  • Read more books, maybe one every week
  • Set goals at the beginning of every month
  • Pick an affirmation every week and recite it every day
  • Track my mood daily in my Bullet Journal
  • Find new, interesting subjects to dive into

3* Spirituality

  • Meditate at least ones every week
  • Look for a meditation group
  • Find out what spirituality really means to me
  • Go to different churches to find where I belong
  • Find a moment every day that I am grateful for
  • Read books about spirituality
  • Read the Holy Bible and the Koran
  • Keep a daily journal

4* Finances

  • Save up for a new car
  • Pay back the loan
  • Find a balance between a semi-luxurious life and saving enough
  • Give up financial attachments that I don’t need anymore
  • Plan and review grocery expenses
  • Plan and schedule home maintenance expenses
  • Set money aside every month for unforeseen expenses
  • Revisit the conversation about switching to a different bank
  • Make our financial administration more efficient
  • Make a special gift fund

5* Career

  • Find my passion for a new job
  • Look for a new career route
  • Plan my future work wishes
  • Follow up with a life coach
  • Make an appointment for the career test
  • Investigate different options for a new education
  • Find a temporary job as a transition period
  • Attend a career event
  • Reach more people with my blog and Instagram
  • Create a regular schedule to post

6* Romance & marriage

  • Take a trip with my hubby
  • Leave the phones off when we are together in the evening
  • Celebrate our wedding anniversary with an actual activity
  • Start a new hobby together
  • Kiss and cuddle my hubby every day
  • Do a photo shoot together
  • Plan a date night every week
  • Cook a meal together once a week
  • Keep romance actively alive
  • Try to investigate and learn more about his job (it is so out of my comfort zone)

7* Fun & recreation

  • Take a hand-lettering course
  • Go to the farm and pet a baby duckling or lamb
  • Take motorcycle lessons
  • Go to the salon once a month for some me-time
  • Play more games together
  • Organize game-night for our friends/family every month
  • Plan a short trip with a friend
  • Go to lunch at least once a month
  • Look for singing lessons

8* Contribution/giving

  • Find a volunteer job
  • Pick a charity my hubby and I are going to support
  • Take our parents out for a dinner on us
  • Participate in a Christmas charity for families in need
  • Help my mum out in church
  • Volunteer at the local library
  • Volunteer at my old church
  • Volunteer at the animal shelter

9* Health

  • Lose (in a healthy way) at least 20 pounds
  • Start walking at least twice every week
  • Cook a least once a week vegetarian
  • Do a mild cleanse
  • Monitor food intake via Samsung app
  • Try to eat more fruit and veggies
  • Try a new sport (preferably with hubby)
  • Cut my sugar-intake in half
  • Drink no more that 1 cup of coffee a day

10* Physical environment

  • Re-design the pantry
  • Finish the clothes room upstairs
  • Do a big kitchen cleaning every weekend
  • Remodel the back garden with cat-friendly plants
  • Hire a cleaning person for once every two weeks
  • Redecorate the laundry room
  • Declutter the garage together
  • Develop a new cleaning routine with hubby
  • Built more shelf space in the garage
  • Buy new decoration for upstairs


Life isn’t about finding yourself – life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

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