After the summer

I know, the summer is not over yet but still…my summer holiday has come and gone and was absolutely amazing! We went to the North Cape, the Lofoten Islands and traveled through Sweden, Finland and Norway. We went to places I couldn’t believe I would ever see with my own two eyes. It was a spectacular journey and also quite a challenge to do while being sick…still. I had great days in which I felt completely normal and there were very hard days. Luckily, my great husband made me feel safe and made all the days good and positive.

The North Cape

The North Cape – Norway (and yes…we made this picture ourselves)

So now that I’m home again I wanted to post on my blog again. Since I started I had ups and downs with the posting. Some days were very easy to write and make something I liked and other days are just bad. Bad days are definitely not writing days for me. 

In my vacation I read a lot and came up with a number of things I would really want to talk about en share with the world. So, for those of you who read this…you can expect a few things on here in the next few months. Posts about Scandinavia and spots you need te visit, posts about a minimalistic/black and white Bullet Journal (that is the theme of my new Journal), posts about crafts and of course updates on my mental health journey. I hope you enjoy, can relate or maybe even learn something.

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