How to decide on a theme for your Bullet Journal?

Being a perfectionist is quite hard if you want to start a Bullet Journal. There are so many choices to make and looks you can create. When I first started I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just went with it. But after a while you start looking up Bullet Journals and discover the creativity of others. There are so many Instagram pages and YouTube videos you can keep watching and never get to making it.

I realized (a little late might I add) that I was drowning in my own mind. I wanted my Bullet Journal to be perfect, beautiful and a reflection of my creativity…just like I saw on the internet. So I started my second Journal and decided it would be perfect. At first it worked quite well but as the weeks/months went on, I noticed it wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t a workable piece that would help me get control in my life…it became a work of art which wasn’t to be touch without extensive thought and planning. Clearly not at all the intentions and idea behind to concept.

So, I decided to start a new Bullet Journal and drop my expectations…however hard that may be. First I did my research for a pretty long time. I searched the web for inspiration and concepts that fits my need and liking. My main source was the Bullet Journal Companion app. It’s an app by Ryder Carroll and it contains a lot of help, guidance and examples of Bullet Journals. I found a couple of examples that really attracted me and became the basis of my new Journal.

Abulletandsomelines Year at a glance

I like this Year at a Glance by @abulletandsomelines. It is clean yet pretty.

Flyingpaperwords Weekly Log

@flyingpaperwords made a very nice Weekly Log. It doesn’t have any extra but it still is beautiful and workable which is what I am looking for.

Written.intentions Gratitude Log

And then I found this Gratitude Log by @written.intentions. Just a simple word or sentence of gratitude all made into one big page. When the page is full you can just start a new one. So gorgeous and powerfull!

These Instagram pages, along with the simple and to the point explanation of Ryder Carrolls Bullet Journal, became the starting point for my new Bullet Journal. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress (on my Instagram page) and hopefully can tell you in a little while that it hasn’t become a work of art but remains to be a workable Journal.

My advice to you when you want to choose a theme like I wanted to do…take your time. Just look around, collect images and then make you decision. And keep in mind…it isn’t a commitment forever! If it turnes out not to be for you, you can always change and start a new theme.

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  1. Christel says:

    Wat knap…niet streven naar een bedachte perfectie maar je hart volgen zoals het op dat moment tot je spreekt!


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