My Ideal Week

Just as every week I went to my psychologist…but my regular therapist is on vacation so I got a substitute. A nice lady with a whole different point of view on my “problems”. I was really looking forward to this conversation because new ideas make me more open towards the changes happing in my life.
Her view was much more practical then what I discussed with my own therapist so far. She told me to write down what a perfect week would look like. She explained that it could give me more stability during the days at home and make me less vulnerable to the depression. Of course my Bullet Journal brain went into overdrive and when I got home I immediately started writing things down.

I decided to call this page My Ideal Week. When I start designing a new page I love to do some research…why would you reinvent the wheel right? Instagram and Pinterest are my places to go when looking for inspiration. I quickly realized there are a lot of people who made similar pages. I found a lot of Ideal Days and some Ideal Weeks. They gave me a ton of ideas.

Here are some of those pages I found useful:

My Ideal Week

This Ideal Week by @thelemonbug I found on Instagram. I love the fact that it is very clean, black/white and structured. There is a distinction between monday/wednesday/friday and tuesday/thursday. I also really like the time frames…there are some time frames set but the different task have no direct order or specific time frame. It leaves a little bit of room for flexibility.

My Ideal week blocks

@my_blue_sky_design made this beauty. It has  a little bit of structuring of what is going to happen but no specific tasks. I like it because it gives a guide for what to do but has lots of flexibility and freedom to change it up.

My Ideal Day

The last one I want to show you is from @bohoberry – a blog I frequently like to visit for inspiration. No Ideal Week but an Ideal Day. I really like this setup because it has some planning but inside the time frames it leaves room for changing and flexibility.

After all this searching for ideas I started working on my own page. I figured I wanted to design a page that suited all of my needs without making it another thing I needed to accomplish. So, the first thing I let go was working with a timetable. It looks very nice and makes a lot of sense but it would give me so much stress and anxiety if something would come up out of the blue and mess with my schedule…that wouldn’t be productive at all. I decided to work with blocks. Each block stands for one task I would like to accomplish that day. Preferably I would have between three and eight tasks every day. Most of them will be small tasks like household chores. Some of them will be a little bigger like doing research and writing blog posts. In time I hope I will be able to put work back into this Ideal Week but for now that is not the case yet. This last picture is my very own Ideal Week.

My Own Ideal Week


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  1. Eliza says:

    I really like it when people come together and share thoughts.
    Great website, stick with it!


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