My Perfect Morning Routine – what & why!

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For a long time I have been searching for “the perfect morning routine”. Not really fond of using the word perfect because nothing is every really perfect. However, I do like the idea of having a written down morning routine that gives me stability in the morning and a good start.

This post is to share what I figured out and kept over time. I do this routine almost every morning…weekends are always harder because that is the time we have more appointments together and it is the time we can sleep in a little bit. I hope this post helps you figuring out what will work for you. It is not about how many things you do but that those things make you feel good in the morning.

My advice to you is to read this article and maybe some more to get a feeling of what you would like and then just try. Some things may stay and some may leave over time.

1. Wake up and stretch in bed

I know – maybe a little “on the nose” to talk about waking up in the morning but I included it because of the stretching part. Some days it is really hard to wake up in the morning. You feel like you need more sleep or just want to snuggle in the warmth of your sheets. Don’t do it – wake up at the first alarm. It will make you feel more awake in the rest of your routine. A tip that really helped me is just setting one alarm – if you know there is not a back-up you will need to get up.

Stretching in the bed is my not so very active attempt to do some exercise. It shakes away that stiffness after sleeping and helps you body to wake up.

2. Wash and brush

Shower, brush hair, brush teeth and follow the rest of you beauty routine. As mine is really simple I can’t really help you in that department. Creams don’t agree with my skin so it’s just some deodorant and perfume that settles this part of my morning routine. The opinion on showering in the morning or evening are very diverse. I tried both and for me showering in the morning helps me get started for the day ahead – but as with everything, try it for yourself.

3. Getting dressed, put on some make-up and accessories

For some putting on make-up may not be necessary but for me it’s a vital part of my morning. I love to look nice and presentable. Doesn’t I use a lot…some eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and I am ready for the day. Creating a look with nice clothed and matching accessories is not always happening the way I like so I shall give you the tip of putting it together the night before. It gives you a little more time to think and plan for the next day.

4. Make the bed and open the blinds

Yes, I know! It is really tempting to let that just be. Why bother, you’ll mess it up in the evening all over again. That is absolutely try but it is more about the feeling than the literal effect. It sends the message to your brain that sleeping time is very over and the day is starting. Try! This step is very helpful for me every day.


5. Meditate

As I am going through this journey I experience daily that meditation helps calm my mind. Doing it in the morning gives a good start to the day and makes me calm and relaxed. Since a little while I started using a BellaBeat Leaf Urban (the one in the picture) which is a health tracker that also has an app with 

guided meditations. You can also use other apps like HeadSpace (really nice!).

6. 10 minute Bullet Journal planning

After that glorious meditating session I get started with the “work” part of the day. I take about 10 minutes planning what appointments I have, what is on my to do list, how much time I have for work and if there is room for some hobby-time. I really try to stick to those 10 minutes but it is very tempting to start working already.

7. Get breakfast and some water

Some people like to skip breakfast – I was one of them. I didn’t take the time and wasn’t really hungry. Of course I knew the health part of it but didn’t really care. As I was creating my morning routine I thought that this would be a good moment to try if I wanted to also change that part. It turned out I did. Granted I still don’t eat a lot in the morning – it does make me feel better to take some time to eat and drink before getting on with the day.

So – this is my morning routine. It is not real complicated or out of the box but it makes me happy in the morning and gives me a kickstart for a good and productive day. Hope you can get some ideas to start your owns Perfect Morning Routine or maybe give me some tips on what to add to this routine!

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  1. Sheblogs says:

    Love this- a steady morning paves the way for a great day xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OnlyPippa says:

      Thank you so much – it’s great to hear that you love it!


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