Must Have Bullet Journal Items

What you use for creating your Bullet Journal is obviously very personal. With time you discover what items work for you and which will never be used again. By following Bullet Journalist on Instagram or Pinterest you can get new ideas on what would be a new item to introduce in you selection. 

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I am an absolute sucker for all things Bullet Journal related. The different kinds of Notebooks and the whole variety of pens. To be honest – you can’t go really wrong if you buy quality products. In an other post I will elaborate on the subject of Notebooks but in this post I wil explain the different pens I use and grown to love.


# Pigma Microns

These are my absolute go-to pens. Every sketch or card probably started with one of these. They come in different thickness and different colors. The colors are very rich and the bleeding is very minimal. 


# Tombow Fudensuke

This one is kinda new for me. I’ve gotten it for my birthday a while ago but is really becoming one of the more used pens. For me it is the perfect combination between a Brush Pen and a fineliner. Most Brush Pen have a very large tip that is very bendy – this tip also bends but is less flexible then for instance a regular TomBow Brush Pen. The black color is very intense and leaves little bleeding.


# Faber-Castell Mange Pitt Pen

This is just a simple Fineliner Pen but it holds really well. Sketching or Hand Lettering – it really does its job. I like the beautiful black color of the ink and love that it comes in different sizes.


# Tombow Dual Brush Pens

To give a little bit of color to your Bullet Journal I really advise a Brush Pen. They come from many different manufacturers but one of the most well known is TomBow. Their Brush Pens are very nice and give beautiful color Since it is a WaterColor based Pen you can easily use it in your art or just a simple line to give it a pop of color. They come in 108 different colors!


# Staedler Pigment Liner

This is a really decent Pen. It comes in different sized tips and is perfect for some Hand Lettering action. I do not choose them as much as my Micron Pens but that is mainly because they are very new to my selection and aren’t yet in my normal routine. But from what I experienced – it is a very nice quality Pen.


# Royal Talens Ecoline Brush Pens

Another very well known Brush Pen is from Royal Talens. They have many different Ecoline products and those are all WaterColors. The Brush Pens come in 58 colors and are an absolute must for any Artist/Bullet Journalist. I love that the colors are so vibrant but still mix very well with water to create that real WaterColor feel. This grey Brush Pen is one of my personal favorites in my Black/White/Grey Bullet Journal.


# Sharpie

YES! I couldn’t leave those off the list. I don’t use many Sharpies but I am absolute in love with my Metallic Series. With a lot of Metallic Pens you don’t really get that shimmery feel but with these Sharpies the shine is on! They hold their color really well and keep on shining and shimmering.


# Sakura Gelly Roll

Another Pen I like is this one. Not your typical Fineliner this time but a good pen to bring some life to your creations. You can make accents in the black lettering you did or give some extra highlights. The white ink comes through really well even on extremely black backgrounds.


# Graphik Line Maker

Sadly this pen is not very well known in the Hand Lettering/Bullet Journal community. It is a shame because it is absolutely amazing. I have them in this light grey color and in a sepia color and both are quite good. The color is nice and soft and the tip comes in different sizes. I would recommend this Pen as a part of the Starter Kit for your Bullet Journal.


Ok – this was a lot of information of the different type of pens you can use. But don’t worry – you will get through this. My advice is to start with a good, black writing pen and a pencil. That is the basis for your Bullet Journal. Once you get comfortable with those Items and Bullet Journaling itself you can change it up with some color. Let your Bullet Journal drive your items. Some people love the color coded world while others are more happy and centered with the black and white.

Take your time and see what works best for you.

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