Starting My Own BookClub

I love reading, I love books, I love collecting books, I love finding new books and I love talking about books. The fact that I only now started this item on my Blog actually made me a bit disappointed in myself. But – better late than never!


When I was just a little girl reading was something I really disliked – maybe not what you expected from a girl who just started a BookClub Page on her Blog. But it is the truth. I hated how long it took to get to the end of the story and I couldn’t keep my concentration up long enough to actually get to the “good parts”. The only thing I “read” was Comic Books – just because I could look at the pictures and still get the story without having to actually read the words. It was my sister that made me love books and reading. She gave me books that were really nice, funny (and in the beginning easy) to read – books that kept me intrigued so that I wanted read them all the way to the end. So slowly but surely I found my love for reading.

When I was in high school reading is a required part of the language classes. For most of my classmates it was one of the most horrible parts of school – not for me though. I liked reading and getting grades for it. Not every book was to my liking but it thought me to be more open minded to different styles and genres. Nowadays I read almost everything, only the die hard thrillers are not really my thing.

20181224_134500-01.jpegIn my busy life I notice that reading is something that gets shoved in the background. I don’t take the time to pick a good book and just sit and read. It seems like my mind can’t slow down enough to read so watching TV or surfing the internet wins. And that is not something I like to see in myself. Reading has a lot of benefits that I would really like to keep in my life. I will lay down some of them:

* Relaxation

A book can make you very relaxed. All the worries and stress of the day can just disappear when you dive into a whole new world created by the author. Different genres can have different effects on peoples health. Spiritual text are said to lower bood pressure and create a deep sense of calm while reading self help books wil alleviate some symptoms from people who are suffering from mild mental illnesses.

  • Expansion of Knowledge and Vocabulary

It seems quite obvious but of course reading helps expanding your knowledge and your vocabulary. The more you read the more words will cross your path and make their way into your everyday vocabulary. Reading is a crucial part of learning a new language or a new profession.

  • Memory Improvement

Mental activities keeps the brain young – and that includes reading. Keeping your mind active with frequent cognitive activity has been linked to slower memory decline. So reading is not only fun but will help you later in life with keeping your memories.

  • Mental stimulation20181224_134420-01.jpeg

Our brain needs regular exercise to stay strong and healthy and not succumb to lazinessand diseases like Dementia or Alzheimers. Reading, playing games or make a puzzle can be found helpful with stimulation of the brain and its cognitive function.

With all this good stuff to gain from reading more, the decision to start this BookClub was quickly made. With this BookClub I hope reading becomes part of my daily ritual again and in the process I hope to inspire some of you to pick up reading too. If you want to join me – contact me! If you guys have some good tips on what books to read – so please let me know!

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