Winter Bucket List – Top 20 Things To Do

The weather has taken a turn for the cold and all the leaves have fallen off the trees – winter is here. It is the time to snuggle up on the couch, get yourself a blanket and try to get warm again. But there are so many wonderful things to do in the winter. You con’t have to hide from the cold but embrace this season of cold, snow, joy and holidays. This Winter Bucket List is a guide to what to do on those cold days.


  1. Bake Cookies
    For me baking Cookies is the ultimate Winter Spirit. It doesn’t really matter what kind of Cookies they are…just the smell of it in the house makes me so happy. My husband and I are a really good team with baking – he does all the “get your hands dirty” stuff and I do the rest. It’s really lovely to spend the day together making nice things. If you need some inspiration on very fun and tasty cookies – click the link below.
    Amazing Brown Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies
  2. Keep a Journal
    When the weather is getting colder you inevitably spend more time inside the house – so there is no better time to write in your Journal. You can do it in the morning with write a few things you are grateful for or in the evening when you are reviewing your day. It doesn’t have to be perfect or about the big things in life – it can just be about the Cookies you baked or the delicious cup of tea you had with your friends.
    As you may have read before – I have a Bullet Journal and the Winter Months are the perfect time for me dig into what I want to Journal about.
  3. Make a PhotoAlbum
    In those dark Winter days you can use some light and good memories. A good time to go through all your pictures and make an album. For me making an album is almost all the time on my To Do List – I just never take the time to actually do it. It is a shame because I dearly love to go through them and it just isn’t at much fun on the computer.
  4. See the Ballet
    Ballet is like escaping into a Magical DreamWorld – the beauty and the grace of the dancers just enchant you. A lot of companies preform the Nutcracker during Christmas time as it is centered around the Christmas Eve celebration of a young girl. You can visit a big, well know performance or just a local stage – it is definitely a thing to do in the winter months.
  5. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate
    When you think about the Winter you think of Hot Chocolate. Sitting by the fire with a good book or good company with a cup of warm choco is not short of perfect. You can go for an Old Fashioned Original Hot Chocolate
    original hot chocolate
    The Best Hot Chocolate
    or spice things up with for instance this Caramel Marshmallow Hot Chocolate.
    Caramel Marshmellow Hot Chocolate
  6. Knit a Blanket or Scarf
    Knitting is one of the most relaxing things to do. Get some nice yarn and get knitting. You can listen to some music while you are busy. If you have never done it before just search the web for some Tutorials and step-by-step videos – there are plenty to find.
  7. Have a Winter BBQ
    I am definitely not a BBQ person – I am not that fond of a lot of meat (the sides however are very nice). But BBQ in the Winter has something magical. Standing around the warmth of the BBQ with some Mulled Wine or a beer is really nice. It is like having a Bonfire with benefits!
  8. Have Game Night
    Game Night is always a good idea but especially for those long Winter Nights. When it is getting dark early just gather up a few of your friends and play you favorite games. My favorite games at the moment are Camel up, Phase 10 and Ticket to Ride.
    ticket to ride
    If you need some inspiration – click the link below!
    The 15 Best Family Board Games
  9. Make your own Mulled Wine
    Mulled Wine is a real Winter Treat. It is a warm red wine infused with sugar, spices and fruits that makes you warm inside and provides a real holiday feel. You can buy them in the store and heat them up or make it yourself. Here you can find one of those amazing recipes to try.
    mulled wine
    Best Mulled Wine Recipe
  10. Visit a Museum
    Visiting a Museum is something that is almost always on my Bucket List. There are so many gorgeous places to visit. From big name Museums to little art Galleries – all of them give you a great experience. They gives you a new perspective on things and maybe a different way to look at the world. It can give you insight in the way the world was or show you how the world could one look. And my advise – don’t do to much research. Just go and be amazed!
  11. Take a Long Forrest Walk
    Walking is lovely at any time of the year but in the Winter it gives you something extra. The cold wind against your face and maybe even the snow on the trees give you an almost magical feel. It makes you feel very alive and in the moment – so very good in your Mindfulness Practice. And once your home from a good walk your cheeks will start to become rosy and red and you will feel very satisfied.
  12. Make Gingerbread
    Gingerbread is obviously very related to the holidays with all the houses that are constructed out of it. Gingerbread is not only nice to build with – it is fun the eat too. So spend a day baking and putting together your very own Gingerbread House and decorate with sweets.
    ginger bread house
    Amazing And Fun Recipe For A Ginger Bread House
  13. Make your own Cards
    Making your own Greeting Cards can be very therapeutic. Sitting down and taking the time to work with your hands is very calming and relaxes the mind. Maybe it is something that you have never done – than Winter is the best time to try it. Make some Holiday Greeting Cards so that you can use them and your relaxing Card Making has gotten a perfect purpose.
  14. Hold a Movie Marathon
    What better way to spend a cold, windy day in the Winter. Get a blanket, prepare some food and settle in for a long day of watching your favorite Movie Series.
  15. Bake A Cake or Pie
    It is a true art to bake a beautiful homemade pie. Preparing and baking that perfect crispy crust and filling it with delicious fruits makes to house smell amazing and is a nice treat. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pie you decide to make – just invite some friends or family to share the end result with.
  16. Have a PJ Day
    Who doesn’t remember being a kid and walking around in jou pajamas all day. It is going back to that time and experience all over again the joy of not getting dressed. Find a comfy pair and just relax!
  17. Organize your Closet
    I know – this doesn’t sound like a good idea at all. Organizing may not be on the top of your fun things to do list but it can be really rewarding. Take a look at all the stuff that is just laying there and you never ever use – I promise you it will be  a win-win situation. You will declutter and only be left with the clothes you really war and love and you can donate the rest and make someone else very happy.
  18. Bake your own Bread
    Making you own bread is an art in it self. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get one of those beautiful loafs of bread but when your done it is amazing. Take the time in the winter to try a recipe that you have never made before – it can  be a Traditional Loaf or maybe a Sweet Bread – just get your hands working. The recipe below is really lovely!
    Soft Honey Oat Bread
  19. Read a Classic Novel
    Many people talk about Classic Novel but only a few of them have actually read them. In these cold Winter Months become one of those people who actually read a Classic Novel. Maybe Pride and Prejudice will be to your liking with the romantic story between the heroine Elizabeth Bennet and the proud Mr. Darcy. Or perhaps you will tare through the pages of the Gothic Thriller Frankenstein and discover the secrets of the monster he created. Which ever one you choose – make sure you get a large cup of tea (or hot chocolate) and a blanket and settle in for a good read.
    pride and prejudice
    Pride And Prejudice @ Barnes And Noble
  20. Organize a Formal Dinner Party
    How many times have you thrown a Formal Dinner Party – probably not that many times. It is quite some work but an experience you really don’t want to miss. Invite friends and/or family and tell them to dress up to make it extra special. Try out some new recipes and decorate the table for the full experience. If you are not that great of a chef in the kitchen I can recommend asking for help from one of the guests. Together you can do much more and it is a lot more fun in the kitchen during the day.

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