About My Life – Meet Olly

After all the Blog Posts that are online right now I really wanted to share a little more about my personal life. There is actually a person behind these words and pictures and I’m dying to let you know more about me. The first one I will introduce to you is my gorgeous grey cat named Olly. Olly is actually an abbreviation for Oliver Leopold Laurentius Yevgeny – a silly joke between my husband and I that has gotten a little bit out of hand.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be a “cat lady’ – probably a bit weird but I was so much in love with cats that it didn’t matter to me. We couldn’t have them at home growing up because my mom was very allergic. From the moment I met my now husband I told him I really wanted a cat – if he wanted to be with me he had to be OK with getting a furry friend. Obviously a joke but I really hoped he would say yes. And luckily he was OK with that. I did however had to agree with the condition that I have to clean the litter box…a small price to pay.

img_6202 kopieSo when we moved in together we picked our first little kitten – a cute grey kitten that was abandoned by its own mother. He lived with a couple for a while but they couldn’t keep him. He was the cutest thing. Little blue eyes (a little bit dirty) and a lot of fuzzy fur. I simply fell in love with him the moment I saw him.

img_6274 kopieNow our little furry friend is totally grown up and become a great cat. He has had some issues in the past so he lost one of his front teeth but besides that he is a very healthy, strong cat. My biggest wish for him was to “raise” him up to become a sweet, cuddly and easygoing pet – so that when people would come around our house they wouldn’t have to be scared of him. So I trained him to be OK with almost everything (my husband called it bullying sometimes). Now he is a calm cat that doesn’t hit or scratches anyone – you can pull his tail or play with his ears. He will simply look at you with a death stare, which isn’t that harmful. I am so happy with that. And he has also grown up to become a very cuddly cat. He wants to be with you every hour of every day. He doesn’t always need to sit on your lap (preferably he does) but he can also just sit in your vicinity. If I am working he will sit on the chair next to me, if I am cooking he will sit on the bar nearby.
He is an absolutely lovely companion with his cuddles, kisses, little quirks and naughty actions.



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