Baby – here we go

This post is born out of the pure number of baby’s that are born around me in the last few years. Family and friends are multiplying like crazy (which isn’t that strange considering the age we all have). This adding of baby’s is making a lot of the conversations go in an entirely new direction. It inspired me to go take a look around this baby-realm and let me become amazed by all the goodies there are. Since I am based in The Netherlands this post (and probably future ones about this subject) will mainly be focussed on the Dutch market.

One of the first ones to have a little one was one of my closest friend. She also was the first one in her family and circle of friends so she really had to find it all out herself. I admire her so much for that! She always told me to search search search….and then search some more. So that is what I am about t to do in the next few weeks and months. Search the web for whatever is out there and share it with you all!

If you have some good tips…let me know!

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